LACE - Pretty Little Drivers and Pretty Little Riders
We Are An Exclusive INTERNATIONAL All Female Car/Truck & Motorcycle Enthusiast Club

Any Make, Model & Stage Of Modification♥️

LACE Stands For : Ladies & Cars Exclusive or Ladies & Car Enthusiasts Or Ladies & Cycle Enthusiasts

We Understand That In SOME Clubs It Is Often There Are Often Egos ( Because You Had To Meet A Standard To Be "Accepted") That Overwhelm The Reason The Club Was Formed......One Common Interest Of The Love Of Cars or Trucks Or Bikes ECT...... Often That Passion Is Lost In Drama And Whos Car Is Better Then Whos And Whos Getting Their Car Done The Fastest....... And That Is Something We DO NOT Enjoy!

Here In Pretty Little Drivers / Pretty Little Riders ~ L.A.C.E ~ We Believe That A Club Should Be Like A Family And That is Exactly What We Are..... One GIANT Family Of Female Automotive & Motorcycle Enthusiasts Spread Out All Across The Planet!

We Feel That A Club Should Be Focused On The Members And Their Enthusiasm..... And The Group Of Individuals Sharing That Common Yet Divers Interest Rather Then Be Focused ONLY Their Cars / Bikes / Trucks Ect....
So, Yes Some Of Our Members Vehicles Are STOCK..... Some Have Just Daily Drivers Until They Can Buy The Car They Want.... SO WHAT? ...... Remember We ALL Had To Start Somewhere......

We Have No Standard That You & Your Vehicle Must Meet In Order To Join... As Long As You Are A Female & Are An Enthusiast YOUR IN!

The ONLY 2 Requirements Are:
-You Must Be Female
-You Must Be An Automotive Enthusiast (example: cars trucks bikes ect...)
LACE - Pretty Little Drivers and Pretty Little Riders

We Are An Exclusive INTERNATIONAL All Female Car/Truck & Motorcycle Enthusiast Club Any Make, Model & Stage Of Modification♥

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avatar Ninabella2121, Jersey girl, Just brought my 2012 chevy cruze so its under construction , follow me on instagram @Ninabella102013-09-26Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:25 pm4Send private message
avatar durtydubbtayyI'm 19 years old and full of life! My mk5 Jetta is now my fourth car I've owned and my favorite so far. I have been into cars since I was little and could never wait to be old enough to be able to drive. My dream car would be an mk4 r32 and plan on owning one in the next couple years :)2013-07-23Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:34 pm4Send private message
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